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Why is it better to buy LED headlights from a truck expert

Why is it better to buy LED headlights from a truck expert

Most OTR truckers who visit our store have had a bad experience buying headlighting online or in a Truckers’ Chrome Store. They repeatedly failed to choose the correct product and, when frustrated, opted to go and visit us.

Truckers’ Chrome Shops are suitable for buying many items in one place but are wrong when you need technical assistance.

Like many department stores, they are not specialists. What they have is multiple price/quality options for one product for you to choose from. 

What usually happens there is that many customers don’t get what they expected and have to return or exchange their products. And that is why Customer Service counters in that kind of store are always so busy.

If you know a product and are delighted with it, you can search the market for the best price. But if you feel you are not getting the quality or performance you aim for, it pays off to go to the expert.

Experts will tell you the best product option that meets your requirements, but they will do something else: They will tell you the new, better option.

However, if you look for OTR Truck’s headlighting products online, you may find many “Experts” with “Chrome Shop’s” mind. They just offer many options and let you choose. And the chances are that, as in physical department stores, you will, later on, visit their “Customer Service Counters.”

We hope we have clarified why it is better to buy led headlights from a truck expert. 

At FX-AA, we are truck LED Specialists. We know the OTR Truckers’ night vision struggles related to a particular semi-truck model and found the correct lighting option to solve them definitely. 

We will probably be a little more expensive at first sight but cheaper in the long term. Much cheaper.

And we are sure that we are doing a good job because our “Customer Service Counter” is most of the time deserted…


Note: Our deserted Customer Service Dept. works very well too. Read our Warranty and Return Policies.

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