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At FX-AA we strive to make OTR Truckers' night vision better!

White-Yellow H11 LED bulb for semi trucks' low beams, and how it helps while night-driving under fog, rain, or snow

white-yellow h11 led bulb for semi trucks
white yellow h11 led bulb

Does yellow light improve visibility while riding under fog, rain, or snow?

Yellow headlights partially offset blinding atmospheric conditions, such as back-reflecting glare from fog, heavy rain, or snow.

The human eye seems to find the yellow light more comfortable when dealing with the “visual noise” glare caused by moving raindrops or snowflakes.

At FX-AA, we did our product characterization job and tests and selected the H11 LUCENT FF (Fog Fighter) white-yellow H11 LED bulb for semi trucks from one of our reputed manufacturers.

It combines the H11 LUCENT R3’s recognized brightness (4500 effective lumens) with the practical three consecutive low/high switching feature, which allows it to shift from a 6500 K white to a 3000 K yellow color when the atmospheric conditions demand it.

We are still perfecting this new solution at FX-AA, but we will have it ready to offer very soon.

What will stop you from enjoying the best of both night vision worlds?

  1. Our traditional brightest white illumination while riding in the dark, and,
  2. Powerful yellow illumination with less back-reflecting glare when night traversing fog, heavy rain, or snow.

If you want to try our new H11 LUCENT FF (Fog Fighter) LED bulb, register with us by selecting the Fog Fighter LED bulb option.

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