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We understand your night driving struggle

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OTR Trucker: We understand your night driving struggle!.

It has always surprised us why so very few OEMs care for the commercial truckers’ night driving struggle.
Night driving is, for many truckers, a must. It speeds up deliveries and consequently increases income. At night, traffic subsides, easing tension, but darkness offsets this gain introducing new worries: Fear and fatigue.
It could be terrifying not being able to see obstacles on the road at night. A crossing deer, a stopped vehicle after the curve, or the hill are intensely feared for not speaking of thick fog, thunderstorms, or the worst: Black Ice.
At FX-AA, we are committed to combatting these truckers’ struggles.
Our headlight LED bulbs and LED bulb upgraded driving lamps may look similar to others on the internet, but they are not.
We know how important is a powerful headlight for a night driver, but we also understand that those bulbs have to last on a vehicle that rides ten times more than a commuting car.
We have selected the right LED bulb or headlamp for your truck at a competitive price, knowing that you desire night rides with minimum stress due to high illumination but also want bulbs to last.
Every day we witness the commercial trucker’s frustration of having bought a bad LED bulb or lamp online, and we say: There is no other way to know that our products are different than taking the risk of trying them…
Your task is not new to us. We understand your night driving struggle, and we have years of solving it for every one of you that visits our store.
Now we are doing the same online. Try us! We are different!

2 thoughts on “We understand your night driving struggle”

  1. Hello. Does the SKU 1620 kit work on a new 2023 T680 with projectors? I assume so but wanted to double check. Do you also have a kit for the high beams? Thanks

    1. Hi Aaron, the H11 Ignitors (SKU 1620) work on the 2022 KW T680. I’m not sure if on the 2023 model. I presume so, but not sure. You can send me a picture of the bulb, and we’ll tell you right away. And yes, we have the high beam set, if the high beams are reflective, our recommendation for the KW T680 is the 9005 LUCENT R1 (SKU 1817).

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