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At FX-AA we strive to make OTR Truckers' night vision better!

If your headlamps are in reasonably good condition, game-change their brightness by just replacing the bulbs!

These are our proven VOLVO VNL LED Headlights!

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brightest h11 led bulb
volvo vnl headlight assembly
9005 9006 lucent r1 led bulbs
volvo vnl led headlights

Price: USD 230.00/bundle. Use the FIRSTBUY coupon (10% off) if you are a first time customer!

Why LED upgrading an OEM halogen headlamp is the most practical option for an OTR trucker that struggles to see better at night?

The best world manufacturers are the ones that make OEM halogen bulbs headlamps. Those lamps are the sturdiest, but LED technology surpassed the halogen bulb performance long ago. Once LED-retrofitted with the correct bulbs, they become much brighter, remaining repairable on the road.

LED bulbs perfectly replace halogen and are much brighter and almost as affordable because they last longer. However, not every LED performs well on a specific truck model, and with so many market options, it is easy to make mistakes. Power is needed, but optics is the key. 

LED-sealed aftermarket headlamps, if bright, can be an option only if they last very long, and that is not easy on a high-vibration truck that rides every night. If such a headlamp exists, it will probably be very costly and non-repairable.

If you want to know the bulbs we selected for the Volvo VNL OEM headlamp, CLICK HERE!

We are not the usual online retailer; we specialize in “Over the Road” Truck Headlighting. We also know that you need good headlighting to be safe and not miss your next load. REGISTER HERE  if you want to know when we have new lighting aids for your truck MODEL.

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Game-changer in brightness: FX-AA Volvo VNL LED headlights

OTR Trucker: If tired of your lousy night vision, try our OEM fitting, Game Changer LEDs. We transform the OEM Volvo VNL halogen type headlamp into a low/high beams LED one. Our unique bulbs convert the OEM headlamp into the highest forward illumination Volvo VNL LED headlights market option at and affordable price. Turn your unsealed halogen lamp into LED, and In the faraway event that any of our bulbs fail, you will be able to replace it!

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