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    FX-AA is a company that believes in sustainability; therefore, our goal is to know the source of the error to avoid repeating it.

    We put great effort into selecting lighting products that perform superiorly to other alternatives in the big truck market. We also take great care in recommending a specific product for a designated function on your truck (application). In that way, we ensure superior performance and durability. For example, the same LED bulb type could perform marvelously in your high beams and not outstandingly on your projector low beams. In part because of this and because we select good manufacturers, we do not expect returns caused by products malfunctioning, although we know that there are always exceptions to the rule.

    Our warranty periods are conservatively set, and that is taking into account that commercial trucks night-ride ten times more than a commuting vehicle. Typical online suppliers may offer better ones, but the question is: Do they know that fact? Believe us, most of them don’t!

    We also take great care validating with you that you have selected the right product. Even though we try to consider all the lighting variants (applications) for a specific heavy truck model on our website, experience tells us that a pre-shipment contact is needed to confirm bulb type to avoid wrong selections.

    It might also happen that the product malfunctions or fails right after installation. If that is so, the first thing to do is check for mistakes. Is polarity right?, Are decoders required? Is the bulb in the correct position? We try to put all these details in our online offer for each specific truck product/application, but we may have flaws. If you fail to make your product perform properly, please contact us. It may be just a simple fix, and you will save time.

    At last, if the product actually malfunctions or fails during its warranty period, we will ask for some “sacrifice” from you. Of course that we will either replace or refund it (whatever you prefer). However, depending on the type of failure, it may happen that we won’t immediately “close the case.” We may want to know in more detail what went wrong and ask you to return the faulty item. If that is the case, once you make the online warranty request on our website, we will email you in no more than three working days a prepaid freight label that you will have to print and stick onto the returning product box. Depending on the case, replacement or refund will happen during or at the end of the process (faulty product delivery). If it is a “known” failure, we will surely replace or refund it at once. If it is a non-expected one, we may ask you to follow the process. It may also happen that we replace or refund at once and kindly ask you to return us the failed product.

    As you see, warranties are of great concern to us. We take them seriously. Our products should not fail during the warranty period and even during double that time if properly used. However, errors could happen, and we are committed to rooting amending them without being too much of a burden.