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Request Product Return

    We put great effort into selecting lighting products that perform superiorly to other alternatives in the big truck market; we, therefore, do not expect returns caused by higher performance expectations.

    We also take great care validating with you that you have selected the right product. Even though we try to consider all the alternatives for a specific heavy truck model’s lighting application on our website, experience tells us that a pre-shipment contact is needed to confirm bulb type to avoid wrong fittings.

    However, it might happen that you are not satisfied with the product performance. In those cases, we are willing to receive the product back and make the corresponding refund if the return request is made within 30 days from the order date.

    Once you make the online return-refund request on our website, we will email in no more than three working days a prepaid freight label that you will have to print and stick onto the returning product box.

    Once we receive the product back, we will issue the corresponding refund in no more than two working days.