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Our LED bulbs make us different

our led bulbs make us different

Our LED bulbs make us different

Any trucker can LED-upgrade his headlamps if he knows what bulbs will fit. However, he can make some mistakes in his journey, especially online, and our job is to help him avoid them. Here are some facts:

  1. Most big trucks LED bulb advertisers do not know the difference between a commercial night-riding truck and a commuting car. The bulb base may be the same, but it’s vital to consider other features. If you want to know them, READ this.
  2. Good quality aftermarket headlamp manufacturers try to stick in all their models with the OEM’s bulb bases, but, in some cases, they don’t. If you want to know what we have learned about semi trucks’ aftermarket lamps, READ this.
  3. We have more than ten years of selecting the right LED bulb manufacturers that solve the night-riding trucker’s struggle. Not very many US LED bulb/headlamp suppliers know them.
  4. LED-sealed headlamps have lovely LED stripes, but an OTR trucker needs more. Illumination power and durability are a must. Many sealed lamps don’t deliver the latter.

At FX-AA, we have managed to build an LED head/fog lamp solution: 

We purchase the OEM replacement type lamp assemblies (halogen) from the manufacturers we know are good. We retrofit them with our LED bulbs, taking care of assembling the bulbs in the optimal position and adding decoders when needed. 

According to our experience, we select the best-performing LED bulb for each truck model application.

Finally, we sell them for an affordable price to discourage the trucker from buying the lamp and the LED bulbs and doing the assembly himself.

If we are apparently more expensive in some cases, it is because our LEDs are more pricy to guarantee the required illumination power and durability. In the end, they will be cheaper than the competition because they will last longer.

We are proud to say that we have mastered big truck headlighting, but we also take care of not offering solutions that endanger safety. Our more powerful LEDs go only to projector lens beam applications. In reflective ones, we improve illumination, taking care of not generating annoying glare.

Ours is not the fanciest solution but is the best performing one. Our LED bulbs make us different. Try us!

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