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Fog lights were conceived to help see through the fog, the heavy rain, the snow and illuminate the truck front surroundings to help turn safe at night. Their reflective housings are not designed to enlighten long distances, as you can see in the following image:

Our Fog Lights Assemblies, retrofitted with LED Bulbs that take out the most of your CASCADIA’s fog lamp reflector, are not the common ones that you find online. Try them!
CLICK to see our Fog Light Assembly
CLICK to see our Fog Light Bulbs

However, if you are buying fog lights because you want to "aid" your headlights to illuminate better far, you are maybe in the wrong direction. Better fog lights won't solve the problem. What you need are the right headlight LED bulbs. The powerful ones that you have never tried.

Give it a try to our headlight LED bulbs!  They may look similar, but they are not!
CLICK to see the low beam LEDs that we have selected for your CASCADIA! They will free you from buying a new fog light bulb or lamp.