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New COPLUS Taiwan LED Headlamps Line

New COPLUS Taiwan LED Headlamps Line

FX-AA is proud to announce that, after two years of joint work with COPLUS, Taiwan (www.coplus.com.tw/en/) the reputed pick-up truck LED headlamp MORIMOTO brand manufacturer, it is close to launch its heavy-duty LED headlamps line for semi-trucks.

COPLUSES’ headlamps, apart from their beautiful designs and top quality level, will also enjoy two features that will clearly differentiate them from traditional US competition:

  1. Their illumination power and evenness will be notoriously superior to current competition models in the market, and,
  2. They will be repairable on the road. In case of an LED chip failure, their LED drivers are designed to be extractable and can be quickly taken out from the lamp and replaced as easily as changing a bulb. This feature is not found in any other LED sealed headlamp in the US market. 
  3. Light beams’ color can change manually from white to yellow to increase visibility under fog or rain.

In addition to all this, the new COPLUS Taiwan LED Headlamps Line has been carefully upgraded to stand for the high semi-truck vibration levels and to endure the power spikes that are more frequent in big trucks than in other types of vehicles.
With this product line addition, FX-AA continues consolidating its objective of improving OTR drivers’ night vision and safety. You will soon watch this formidable product line on these pages.