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INNOVIZ Technologies LIDAR Sensor for Semi Trucks

lidar sensor for semi trucks

Good headlighting helps night-vision but unfortunately does not prevent all the accidents. Commercial trucks run fast and take a while to stop when heavily loaded. Therefore, the sooner the driver gets warned, the better.

At FX-AA, we daily strive for OTR Truckers’ safety, and we have always known that even good headlighting is not enough to reduce the risk of certain types of collision. Unsignaled barriers, unlighted vehicles, road crossing animals, or even persons could unfold tragic events in a dark night, but if a rain or snow storm adds up, the risk grows exponentially.

That is why we approached a world-leading LIDAR “vision” company, INNOVIZ Technologies, Israel, and they got immediately persuaded that their sensors could radically reduce those undesirable outcomes.

LIDAR sensors are the “eyes” of autonomous vehicles, but in the meantime, they could be of great help to OTR Truckers. 

In this way, INNOVIZ, and FX-AA are teaming up to increase drivers’ nighttime awareness under adverse weather conditions.

INNOVIZ is right now preparing for an initial trial that aims to be a proof of concept. If successful, an aftermarket sensor-display-alarms solution will be developed.

We will keep you posted on our advances in LIDAR Perception for Semi Trucks on this website.

Click to watch a video showing LIDAR perception.

Click to watch a video showing INNOVIZ Technologies’ path

If you are a trucker and want to collaborate by commenting on your experiences or warnings’ ideas, please watch this video on YouTube: