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The H7 LUMIS HD lights fit on your COLUMBIA's aftermarket lamps






Sold as:  Pair
Lumens/Bulb:  5000
Color Temp:  6500K(+500K)
Input Voltage: 13.5V
Power:  32W (±20%)
Warranty:  1 year

For heavy truck headlight with projection lens only

DC-AC conversion to increase luminous efficiency

Uses original vehicle lighting fixture

Direct bulb swap / Polarity Sensible


It has always surprised us why so very few OEMs care for the commercial truckers night driving struggle.
Night driving is, for many truckers, a must. It speeds up deliveries and consequently increases income. At night, traffic subsides easing tension, but darkness offsets this gain introducing new worries: Uncertainty and fatigue.
At night it could be terrifying not being able to see obstacles on the road. A crossing deer, a stopped vehicle after the curve or the hill, are intensely feared for not speaking of a thick fog or a thunderstorm.


At FX-AA, we are committed to combat these trucker’s struggles.

Our headlight LED bulbs may look similar to others on the internet, but they are not.
We know how important is a powerful headlight for a team-driver, but we also understand that those bulbs have to last on a vehicle that rides ten times more than a commuting car.
Therefore we do not offer product options on commercial truck headlighting. We have selected the right LED bulb or headlamp for your truck, knowing that you desire night rides without stress but that you want bulbs to last.
Every day we witness the commercial trucker’s frustration of having bought a bad LED bulb online, and we say: There is no other way to know that our products are different than taking the risk of buying them…
Your task is not new to us. We know your struggles, and we have years of solving them for every commercial trucker that visits our store.

Now we want to do the same online. Try us! We are different!

And two last things:

  • We put just the specs needed, not showy bulk stuff. Ours are real.
  • Still, we don´t have product reviews online because we are just starting. But try to find an online review for a commercial truck headlight bulb. Just try…