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At FX-AA we strive to make OTR Truckers' night vision better!

What do you prefer? A fancy LED-sealed headlamp that poorly illuminates, or a much brighter and affordable one with durable and replaceable LED bulbs?

Price: $ 299.00/unit. If you are a first-time customer, take advantage of the FIRSTBUY coupon!

We are not the usual online retailer; we specialize in “Over the Road” Truck Headlighting. We also know that you need good headlighting to be safe and not miss your next load. REGISTER HERE  if you want to know when we have new lighting aids for your truck MODEL.

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The IGNITOR and the LUCENT R3 are the brightest H11 for semi trucks' projectors

The IGNITOR and the LUCENT R3 H11 LED bulbs combine a dense cooling coil with a powerful fan that allows the LED chip to deliver respectively 4800 and 4100 effective Lumens. They are the ideal LEDs for low beam projector lens arrays.

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