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      We keep innovating in truck LED lighting, and we want to share our knowledge with independent installers like you.
      Suppose you consider yourself a good car electrician, and you want to install high-quality lighting products.
      You can be part of the FX-AA Installers Community! 
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      If you come to be part of our community, you will be entitled to: 

      • Be first to enjoy our new products. Our products are not common ones. We select the best truck LED lighting manufacturers globally and choose the best product option for any truck lighting application—just ONE product option: The NEWEST, MOST POWERFUL, MOST DURABLE, AND BEST PRICED.
      • If you send us photos or videos of our installed products, we will publish them in the corresponding spot and give visitors your credits and contact information. We will be happy to promote your work!.
      • Your ideas of innovative installations for those products will be treasured by us, and they may end in developing standard product kits that could be massively sold online. Being part of our community will give you the right to get a related sales commission.
      • You will enjoy our wholesales prices. 

      Enroll, get approved, and start installing FX-AA Products!

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