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Good LED headlights are advisable for any vehicle but critical for commercial trucks. At FX-AA, we say that they are not “lights” but “tools” required to provide visual comfort and, as a consequence: safety.

Ironically it is difficult to select online the right LEDs in the case where they are most needed. The three main selection requirements: Right fit, Lumen Power, and Durability, are not less than a guess for the internet seeker.

Commercial Truckers have to know the bulb base type (H11, 9005/9006, H7, etc.) to discard fitting mistakes, but it cannot be assured that the bulb back and cable will have enough room inside the truck’s headlamp.

Lumen Power is the second guess. Published Bulb Lumens are outstanding, but very few are real. Performance videos could be provided, but only a personal witnessing or maybe a “trusted pal recommendation” will dissipate the doubt.

The last guess, Durability, is the hardest one and also the most critical.

Internet tells very little about it because it is totally related to the intensity of use. 

Commercial trucks ride ten times more than a personal vehicle. If an excellent powerful light lasts 60 months in your SUV, it will last just 6 months in your T680 Kenworth or in your Freightliner Cascadia. And the internet says nothing about this. In fact: Try to look for reviews of LED lights on heavy trucks; you will be lucky if you find one for the bulb you are choosing.

At FX-AA, we have done our job selecting the product that meets all those three requirements for your specific large truck model. We are proud to say that this is something we master.

However, the price could seem too high if you persist in comparing “apples with pears.”

If this is the case, we suggest the following: Calculate the cost per month, dividing the bulb cost by the expected lifetime in months.

As an example, take the cost of our top of the line LUMIS bulb, and you will end up paying $144.1 (including shipping and tax). Divide it by 18 months of expected lifetime, and it will be costing $8 per month. Take now a reasonably “good for cars” LED bulb at a net $64.2 and divide it by 6 months of expected lifetime on a large commercial truck. Guess what! It will cost you $10.7 per month, and it will surely give you a much weaker lighting experience than our LUMIS!.

There is then no practical reason for not trying our product offer. 

We insist! Commercial truck lighting is different, and we master it.

Try us, you won’t be disappointed!

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