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Very few websites on the internet solve truckers’ illumination struggles.
Their typical approach is to offer several lighting bulb options for each application, covering all affordability levels.
The problem is that there are not cheap options for bulbs with the high quality LED chips required to cope with the headlights long set on hours on a commercial truck.
Not many factories in the world manufacture the right LED chips for this application. To our knowledge, only OSRAM (Sylvania) and Philips produce good illumination long-lasting LED chips for the automotive industry.
Many LED bulb factories (especially the cheap bulb ones) use LED chips designed for applications different from commercial automotive. They glare a lot but don’t reach much distance.
Another common malfunction is the wrong optometrics. Light optics is also critical for long-range illumination. Only reputed companies manufacture with the right optometrics, but unfortunately, they aren’t the most affordable ones.
Finally, if a truck’s LED bulb stays on a long time, cooling becomes critical. Only bulbs with rugged and durable fan cooling can do the job, and again, suitable fan motors are not the less expensive ones.
FX-AA LED bulbs comply with all those requirements, and the testimony of many satisfied truckers sustains that (see our google reviews).
Here you can see videos that show the illumination power of non-automotive and FX-AA automotive LED bulbs on large commercial trucks:


We are proud to say that among the U.S. internet offer, FX-AA offers the best prices for comparable commercial truck-quality LED bulbs. 

We also say that most of the internet published information on automotive LED bulbs is misleading. Photographs, feature descriptions, and specs look outstanding, and even reviews are acceptable. Still, if you look deeply, you will undoubtedly notice that very few of them refer to large commercial trucks

As we continue emphasizing, according to the Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE), average heavy truck headlights are set on eleven hours per day, six days a week. In contrast, the car’s lights are on only an hour and a half per day, five days a week. Commercial Truck lights work more than ten times those of light vehicles. Common sense suggests that their bulbs have to be different.

The most common customer we receive in our store is what we call: “The frustrated internet trucker” They all say: ” You can’t buy heavy trucks lighting on the internet.; it just doesn’t work.”

With our website, we try to prove them wrong. The same lighting solutions that we offer in our store are the ones that you find here. 

Try us! We are sure that you will not be disappointed!



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