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We improve fleet safety and driver satisfaction by helping truckers to see better at night!

fleet safety and driver satisfaction

Know in which way we can help companies' fleets to increase their drivers retention rate:

Hiring good drivers has become complicated, but retaining them is even more challenging.

Companies owning big fleets take pride in well-maintained trucks, partly because unsafe and uncomfortable units could trigger drivers’ resignations.
Also, they usually rely on OEM spares regarding headlight maintenance, assuming they provide sufficient vision and durability.

Our experience tells us something different: Truckers feel much safer when headlights outperform the current market options, including OEMs’.
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) maintains that better headlighting reduces night crashes, but we also say it decreases night driving anxiety and fatigue.

For all those reasons, headlighting quality should be a significant concern in fleet companies as a driver retention strategy.

Our Proposal:

Since we believe that superb headlights add significant value to driver satisfaction, we have a proposal on how companies could test that:

We lend with no obligations the top-performing headlight bulbs for specific truck models, and we ask to wait for the driver’s reaction.

Without an exemption, improved night vision makes the drivers feel that the company cares for them!
And thankfulness is more significant in the more experienced middle-aged drivers, who, by the way, usually have the worst vision…

If you are a fleet company and want to improve fleet safety and driver satisfaction, REGISTER, and we will get in touch.

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