FX-AA TruckLEDFinder


We are engineers with ten years of experience dealing with semi-truck headlighting. We know that commercial truckers have now to ride more and more at night and our daily effort is to keep them relaxed and safe while night-driving. Consequently, we have selected and proved lighting products that are more powerful than the rest and better help truckers to accomplish that. And we are so confident that we don’t mind “risking” to pay a bonus to the very few that will not perceive that.

We signal those brighter products with this stamp brightness guarantee bonus, and these are the rules of our Brightness Bonus Guarantee Program:

  • The customer must have bought a Brightness Bonus Guarantee stamped product for a specific truck model and application.
  • The customer qualifies for our Brightness Bonus Guarantee if, within 30 days after the purchase date, having installed the product on the intended position (Purchase selected application) following our guidelines and contacted us to discard any installation error, he perceives that the product doesn’t illuminate superiorly to his previous competition alternatives.
  • The customer fills up the Brightness Bonus Guarantee Request Form HERE.
  • FX-AA receives the form and proceeds to email a UPS pre-paid shipping label to the customer. The customer will have to print it, tape it to an adequate product shipping box, and drop it in any UPS dropbox.
  • Once the product is received, FX-AA will fully refund the Brightness Guaranteed product and its shipping expenses to the credit card used in the purchase. And additionally, FX-AA will issue a cashing check in the amount of 50% of the value of the product and mail it to the address specified in the bonus request form.

Note:  FX-AA complies with DOT guidelines. We restrict high illumination LED bulbs to projector-lens headlight applications, which are designed to reduce glare. Our reflective headlighting product choices sufficiently illuminate but are less potent than projector selections to minimize glaring.