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This fits your RAM 3500 2013 to 2018

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  • 9005 9006 decoder

    9005/9006 Decoder

    SKU: 2437



    9005/9006 Decoder

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    9005/9006 Decoder
    Must be installed with LED bulbs for proper functioning in this application

    Eliminates the chance of getting dashboard warnings

    Sold as Pair / Direct Swap / Uses original vehicle lighting fixture

    Warranty: 12 months

    Rated 0 out of 5
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    9005 9006 lucent r3 led bulb

    9005/9006 LUCENT R3

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    SKU: 1913


    Effective Lumens/Bulb: 4500
    5.00 out of 5
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    9005/9006 LUCENT R3

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    9005/9006 LUCENT R3

    Sold as:               Pair

    Effective Lumens/Bulb: 4500

    What’s the difference between Raw and Effective Lumens?

    Color Temperature: 6000K

    Input Voltage: DC12-24V

    Power:             50W

    Warranty:  12 months

    About this item:

    .  So POWERFUL that it overcomes projection lens luminosity loss!

    . Polarity sensible (flip connector if the bulb doesn’t turn on)

    . Beam Angle:  280°

    . Operating Temp: -40°F∼+185°F

    . Uses original vehicle lighting fixture

    . Direct bulb swap

    Warning: Do not use 9005/9006 LUCENT R3 bulbs with low beam reflectors in headlamps. It will cause excessive glare, disturbing incoming vehicles. Its use is only allowed in lamps with projector lenses designed to minimize glare or in reflective high beams where the driver controls their use.


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As for cost: Divide the price by the expected lifetime in months, and you will see that we are cheaper in the long term.
Note: FX-AA complies with DOT guidelines. We restrict high illumination LED bulbs to projector-lens headlight applications, which are designed to reduce glare. Our reflective headlighting product choices sufficiently illuminate but are less potent than projector selections to minimize glaring.

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  • We put just the specs needed, not showy bulk stuff. Ours are real!
  • We have fifteen years dealing with truck headlighting, but we still have not many online product reviews because we are new to the internet selling task.

    Please READ our Warranty and Return Policies

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    1. Robert Moore

      I don't know which one is the bright light led, but I get a bulb fault on the dash and I have to turn off the brights, wait 10 seconds and turn them back on.

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