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  • 9005 9006 lucent r1

    9005/9006 LUCENT R1

    SKU: 1817


    9005/9006 LUCENT R1


    Included Warranty

    12 Months

    Our best compact choice for trucks reflective low and high beams in cap-sealed housings with outstanding luminosity combined with the longest lifetime in the market.

    12 months warranty [Please READ our Warranty and Return Policies]

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    Effective Lumens/Bulb: 3000
    5.00 out of 5
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    9005/9006 LUCENT R1

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    9005/9006 LUCENT R1 LED Bulb

    Sold as:               Pair

    Effective Lumens/Bulb: 3000

    What’s the difference between Raw and Effective Lumens?

    Color Temperature: 6000K

    Input Voltage: DC12-24V

    Power:             30W

    . Beam Angle:  280°

    . Operating Temp: -40°F∼+185°F

    Warranty:  12 months

    About this item:

    .  High luminosity in a compact design.

    .  Ideal for small headlamp housings

    . Polarity sensible (flip connector if the bulb doesn’t turn on)

    . Uses original vehicle lighting fixture

    . Direct bulb swap

    Note: In some trucks, the 9005/9006 LUCENT R1 may cause interference with the CB. In those cases, we suggest buying the 9005/9006 INTENSE LED bulbs instead.