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  • h11 lucent h65

    H11 LUCENT H65

    Applications Media:

    The new and most powerful H11 LUCENT version. The H65, 5000 Effective Lumens on the road. KENWORTH T660's low beams have projector lenses that consume 30% of the light. You need our H11 LUCENT H65 LED bulbs to overcome that loss! CLICK the OPERATION GUIDE!

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    Here are the products we have chosen for your KENWORTH T660. We have selected the best options for each truck’s light application!


    H11 LUCENT H65


    Included Warranty

    12 Months


    Our choice for the heavy truck low beam projector applications where high illumination is required. It delivers top-market brightness (5000 eff. lumens) combined with the most extended lifetime at that power level due to its redundant cooling system..

    12 months warranty [Please READ our Warranty and Return Policies]

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    Effective Lumens/Bulb: 5000
    5.00 out of 5
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    H11 LUCENT H65

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    H11 LUCENT H65 LED bulb set

    Sold as:               Pair

    Effective Lumens/Bulb: 5000

    What’s the difference between Raw and Effective Lumens?

    Color Temperature: 6000K

    Input Voltage: DC12-24V

    Power:             65W

    Warranty:  12 months

    About this item:

    . It’s so POWERFUL that it overcomes projection lens luminosity loss!

    . Built-in CANBUS eliminates flickering and dashboard warnings, especially in sensible trucks

    . Robust cooling, thanks to its powerful fan and double heat dissipation system, ensures a longer lifetime

    . Polarity sensible (flip connector if the bulb doesn’t turn on)

    . Beam Angle:  280°

    . Operating Temp: -40°F∼+185°F

    . Uses original vehicle lighting fixture

    . Direct bulb swap

    Warning: Do not use H11 LUCENT H65 bulbs with low beam reflectors in headlamps. It will cause excessive glare and disturb incoming vehicles. Its use is only allowed in lamps with projector lenses designed to minimize glare.