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Search results for: Category: LARGE TRUCKS, Make: PETERBILT, Model: 379 1987 to 2007, Applications: HEADLIGHTS LOW BEAM/HIGH BEAM RECTANGULAR LAMP BULBS

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  • 9007 decoder

    9007 Decoder

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    Here are the products we have chosen for your PETERBILT 379. We have selected the best options for each truck’s light application!


    9007 Decoder


    Included Warranty

    12 Months

    Decoders are required to avoid flickering, bulb malfunctioning and Dashboard Warnings in some trucks. This is one of them. Sold as Pair and uses original vehicle lighting fixture.

    12 months warranty [Please READ our Warranty and Return Policies]

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    9007 Decoder

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    9007 Decoder
    Must be installed with LED bulbs for proper functioning in this application

    Eliminates the chance of getting dashboard warnings

    Sold as Pair / Direct Swap / Uses original vehicle lighting fixture

    Warranty:  12 months