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  • 9007 intense

    9007 INTENSE

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    Here are the products we have chosen for your VOLVO VN. We have selected the best options for each truck’s light application!


    9007 INTENSE


    Included Warranty

    12 Months


    Our best choice for semi trucks' low/high beam reflective applications (two functions bulb). It exhibits the highest luminosity among the no-fan cooling LEDs, delivering the longest lifetime when the bulb's back is in the open. When the bulb is inside the headlamp's housing, it outstandingly lasts.

    12 months warranty [Please READ our Warranty and Return Policies]

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    Effective Lumens/Bulb: 2800

    9007 INTENSE

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    9007 INTENSE LED Bulb

    Sold as:      Pair

    Effective Lumens/Bulb: 2800

    What’s the difference between Raw and Effective Lumens?

    Color Temperature: 6000K

    Input Voltage: DC9-32V

    Power:       30W

    Warranty:  12 months

    About this item:

    . Two functions LED bulbs (High/Low)

    . No Fan (Ideal for humid and dusty applications like Fog Lights)

    . IP65 Compliant

    . Eliminates OEM plug pins conversion

    . Uses original vehicle lighting fixture

    . Direct bulb swap

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