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We have met thousands of truckers throughout the years, and it has always surprised us that the typical online LED lighting offer doesn’t take into account that:

1. Large trucks’ headlights are typically turned on 11 hours 6 days a week, whereas those of cars are set on 1.5 hours 5 days a week, and the typical LED light that you find on the Internet are car quality ones.

2. Large trucks, specially tractor trucks vibrate a lot. Cars, SUVs, Vans, and Light Trucks, don’t.

3. Technical information is valuable only if it is relevant and truthful, and LED high lumen power is only useful if it’s accomplished. Most online LED headlights have low-quality chips and worse optometrics. The result? Low power illumination and short life, especially in large trucks. Consequently, “internet failed” truck customers come to our store; they don’t trust the Internet to be a suitable purchase medium of vehicle LED lighting products. Therefore, 


In our online product offer, you will find that:

1. Since we deeply know the world’s truck LED lighting offer, we have been able to choose the best product option for any heavy truck’s lighting application. The one that truly lasts, powerfully illuminates, and stands high vibration.

2. We take care in selecting the right product for your specific truck model. We will gradually provide full installation knowledge support, point out potential performance problems in your particular case, and, most importantly, solve them.

3. We make a great effort in trying to be price leaders in our quality category level. You will hardly find a better offer for the same product value on the Internet.

We have been in business for twelve years now, and early we learned that truckers’ job is hard, not only for him but to his family. We also learned that we would succeed if they succeeded first in their businesses and, most importantly, if our products helped them safely and soundly return home every week.

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