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Our lights help you to deliver early and not miss your next load!

Our LED Bulbs may look like the rest, but they are DIFFERENT!

They are LONG-RANGE, NON-GLARING, RUGGED ones, built to stand the Commercial Truck's hardship!


The commercial trucker’s dream is to arrive early, be among the first on delivery, and quickly match the next load and repeat this “cycle” as many times as possible. The more “matched cycles,” the higher week’s income.

To accomplish that, he must ride at night, and although the night is more peaceful, it could be more tiresome and dangerous due to undesirable events.

At FX-AA, we are committed to easing commercial trucker’s night driving struggle. Our headlight LED bulbs, and auxiliary lights are designed and manufactured to maximize long-range illumination and durability under the harsh conditions that a commercial truck endures. Ours is not the typical LEDs that you find online. They may look similar, but they are not.

They are the result of more than a decade of manufacturers and product selection aiming at lighting that ensures that trucks keep advancing at night!

Explore our product offer, and you will discover that we are not the usual LED auto lighting provider.

We have twelve years dealing with truck lighting, but we fail to have online product reviews because we are new to the internet selling task. However, most of our online competitors have neither commercial truck headlight LED bulb reviews.
You will be lucky if you find one!