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At FX-AA we strive to make OTR Truckers' night vision better!

We carefully study the correct lamp-LED bulb combination to get the highest, non-glaring headlight illumination for each truck model.

But not many know brighter and more affordable headlighting options are available to game-change their night vision. That is why we keep looking for new ways to improve safety:

We say it boldly: If a heavy truck takes twice the car's distance to stop, its headlights must illuminate accordingly.

Our LED bulbs may look like the rest, but they are different! They convert each semi-truck model halogen-type headlight assembly into the brightest and most affordable LED upgrading option.

We know the best LED bulb manufacturers and select the brightest-longest-lasting bulb option for each truck model based on their products. Only one option: If you find two, they have different relevant features for your choosing.


fx-aa better vision for truckers

The commercial trucker’s dream is to arrive early, be among the first on delivery, and quickly match the next load and repeat this “cycle” as many times as possible. The more “matched cycles,” the higher week’s income.

To accomplish that, he must ride at night, and although the night is more peaceful, it could be more tiresome and dangerous due to undesirable events.

At FX-AA, we are committed to easing commercial truckers’ night driving struggle. We combine our LED bulbs with the top manufacturers’ head and fog light assemblies to maximize profound illumination and durability under the harsh conditions an OTR truck endures, never forgetting to increase night visibility at no expense of the incoming drivers’ vision.

If a big truck takes double the car’s stopping distance, it must double its illumination reach to prevent a crash.

That is why ours are not the typical LED bulbs you find online. They may look similar, but they are not. They result from the best aftermarket lamp-LED bulb combination that delivers superb illumination at an affordable price, helping truckers to keep advancing at night!

Explore our selection of the brightest headlights for trucks, and you will discover that FX-AA is not the usual LED auto lighting provider.

We have fifteen years dealing with truck headlighting, but we still have not many online product reviews because we are relatively new to the internet selling task.